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the Representative Director and President

Providing used equipment and services with high-quality value, and revitalizing and shaping a robust used equipment market.

Sense Corporation was established as a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology in April 1999, and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year (2019).

Our company transfers ion implanters manufactured by our parent company, purchases unused equipment and refurbishes or modifies equipment to boost value and meet customer needs to be resold as used equipment. In the past 20 years, we have transferred approximately 320 units and sold more than 100 used units.

The used market has matured, and is now a complex structure with a diverse variety of companies. Our company's mission in such a business field is to revitalize and shape a robust used market. This will create a robust reflux, and we will boost customer satisfaction by providing high-quality, used equipment and services.
Furthermore, we will fulfill our social duty as a company practicing environmental protection through used and recycling operations.

Representative Director and President Hideo Tsurumi

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